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Filipino casava cake recipe and welcoming Bennilyn to the USA

Sent Lynn and Jeffro back to Pensacola with leftovers! yummo!

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I’m dedicating this post to Bennilyn and Jeffro! (Uncle Jeff and Auntie Lynn to be exact) That’s their household names around the P-fam funk. My kids anticipated her arrival just as much as we did and they gobbled her right up. Anyhoot, it was a bittersweet weekend for Jeff. Thank God for divine order and the powers that be. After a long wait, a plethora of paperwork, headaches, interviews, visits to the U.S. embassy in Manila, daily calls from Jeffro biyatching about the next dilemma customs and immigrations has thrown his way, which,…. might I add, he did a wonderful job with considering he didn’t hire an immigrations lawyer (damn Taurus) and plenty of Skyping in between, she came from the P.I. after being granted her paperwork! Of course, Jeff wanted her on the plane like, yesterday when he found out. And since he has airline friends, yours truly, that could hook him up with a good quality Expedia search and the universe working itself out, she finally made it here safe and sound.

Took her to Comerica Park for the nose bleed experience. Not a bad view at all for nosebleeds

She had plenty of firsts that weekend. Chips and salsa, good ole’ American baseball, first time bonfire with Auntie Jo-day and Uncle Josh, American Karaoke, hamburgers and Greek town. After hopping a plane in less than 12 hours of being granted her paperwork, jet lag, and traveling all over Gods green acre, she was wore out. But a trooper to say the least. With the new found culture and food, we came home the night before she and Jeffro had to make their journey back to Pensacola, FL Air force base and made Filipino cassava cake for comfort. A very popular dessert in the Philippines. Lucky for her first American tweaked Fil-Am recipe, I’ve got some bragging rights. My version has vanilla and cinnamon added that gives it a distinct Fil-Am flavor. And everyone LOVES it. Bennilyn gave her authentic stamp of approval and that’s all this Fil-Am girl from the dirty needed to hear! Hope you all like it! But first, here is a clip. So, to ride Bennilyns jock real quick, did I mention she is a well traveled singer in Asia? Including Burmai, Korea, and Malaysia? Here ya are! Enjoy!


1 package of frozen grated cassava (thawed)

2 egg yolks

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 stick melted butter

1 bottle macapuno coconut strings

1 can coconut milk

1 can evaporated milk

1/4 cup sugar

1 tsp cinnamon

The star Ingredient
Home to the ingredients


Whisk all ingredients together in a large bowl. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease a 13 by 9 pan. Pour mixture in pan. Bake for 1 to 1 1/2 hrs or until top of cake takes on a golden color. Cake will be gooey so knife trick will not work on this dessert. Let cool. Serve warm or at room temperature.

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Sea-Tac long layover

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Just when I thought I wanted to transfer back to international flying, I got a hard core dose of why I transferred out of the international base to begin with.  Loved, loved, loved the international destinations and the one leg there and back factor, but I don’t think one can ever get use to the jet leg.  I was a walking zombie all of 2002.  Anyhoot, I’ve done one redeye after the next all month long.  And that’s  what international flying essentially is.  Continuous redeyes!  One thing that I can never get use to, working red eyes against my circadian rhythms.   I don’t know where I’ve been and I don’t no where I am at.  My body is use to it’s natural clock.  Good thing I have my handy dandy camera with me so I can capture all my destinations and remember.  In between my back to back redeyes, I had a long Sea-tac!  Here is emerald city thru my eyes!

As always thank you for visiting.  If you have any questions, pleasefeel free to ask, vote 5 stars ;) or even follow me. I have a ton of recipes  on this site you maybe interested in.  I would love that!  I’ll get back with you as soon as I can with your questions and comments. Promise.  Happy eating and have a beautiful day!

Chicago long layover

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I use to get sent to Chicago every other day on the J-O-B!  But I haven’t had a long Chicago layover since we had a hella winter 2 years ago. So I was quite excited to go there this past week.  I wanted to accomplish two things.  Thing number one, I would get to see my cousin, which I’ve been meaning to visit.  And thing number two, I was very excited about going to the beach the next morning.  I was able to see my cousin the night I came in, which I was very much pleased about.  But I woke up to shenanigans the next morning.  Rain!  So my walk along the water never happened.  Pooper! On the up and up, this gives me more reason to come back.  Glad I took pics the night before. I used my old school camera for this layover since my Canon took a crap on me.  And since the lens and digital screen is broke on my back up, half the pics were taken blind. But that didn’t stop my avid blogging.  No siree!  Pics turned out o.k.  Although it wasn’t on par with what I would have liked with the  limited capacity I had.

Before I go any further,  I always say, there is one and only city, New York.  And I love my New York.  I did after all live their for 2 years. So I am naturally biased. And even though I have been to Chi-town along with some pretty nice hotels many times in the last 12 years.  I do have to say, especially with this last visit, I think I have a new found love for it.  More so because my cousin is absolutely in love with this city.  Her enthusiasm about it is at a 10 and I can see why.  Chicago’s buzz is addicting.  Believe the hype.  I haven’t been this excited about Chicago since I use to visit the city when I was a teenager.  Maybe it’s the impending base change I’m hyping myself up for.  Or maybe it’s just that I haven’t been in a while.  The museums, beaches, Midwest hospitality. Great stuff.  Not to say that I’m cheating on my New York.  But Chicago is getting its creep on!  It’s growing on me like a fungus!  I’m looking forward to picking up a few more trips there this summer!  Two toots for Chi-town!  Toot-Toot!

First in order.  Mandatory stops to Garrets popcorn for the all crews.  We make it happen even with the shortest turns.

First things first. mandatory stop

Caramel and cheese!  This stuff stays impressively fresh for days

for some cheese and caramel corn at garrets

Then the limo ride to down town!  Only 50 minutes.  Pretty good during rush hour traffic.  We talked fifty shades of grey to pass the time. Quite the conversation piece.  I felt like I was on an episode of taxi cab confessions.  Nasty.  On the realz!

downtown and hotel bound in the limo.  We got it like that!

Got to the hotel and got a fairly nice view of the Chicago river.

got a view of the Chicago river. not bad!

Then my cuz scooped me up for dinner. Endulged in my inner photographer on the way.

on the way to dinner

Cousin took me to see Mike grandmaster sushi chef

My choices for dinner were Tanoshi or Tanoshi! So I told my cousin I guess I’ll go with Tanoshi

So the low-down on this place is that everyone comes to see Japanese Mike, the coolest sushi man in Chicago.  (I doubt his name is Mike though.)  There were rules to eating here.  No soy sauce and no wasabi! What??  I begrudgingly obliged.  Good thing it was some good stuff.

started off with a tar tar looking thing

I love me some Ceviche and The tar-tar they gave me was smashed down and served on tortilla chips.  So for sure I think this was Ceviche inspired since it was served on tortillas.  The foodie in me started breaking down the ingredients in my head for a home prepped meal.

started off with a tar tar looking thing

Pretty sure this next round had bagoong in it.  If only the customers new.  lol

Round 2

Next was a sushi roll that tasted like tacos or pizza!  I forget!

Round 3. Pizza or tacos?

I love me the BYOB aspect! I thought that was just a Jersey thing. We had a bottle of Pinot Grigio that Liz brought for the occasion.  Good stuff.

Round 4. Stuffed! But there’s no stoppin us…

You asked the master chef what kind of fish and he would just say, “It’s fish”.  That or Asian carp.  Shout out to Adam for that one.

Round 5. Antoinette kept it comin!

Then came dessert.  Mango and I thought it was going to be sweet inside.  Wrongo!  More mystery fish! Very creative. I’m thinking this was Malaysian inspired since I had something similar at Penang.

Round 6. Now someone get me a wheel barrow to roll me outta here

Went to Second city and got us some Starbucks.  I was prepping my body for a red-eye.  So I was red to go for an all niter!

She new I was prepping my circadian rhythms for a red eye so she got me stbx at 2nd city. Thnx coolest cousin tony!

Came back to the hotel and I didn’t really wanna retire for the night so went and took some shots!

Hustle and bustle
perused the river along with the other tourists out that night.
all dreamy. my momentum to take a segway tour that never happened. oops
basking in the somberness of the night

Went back to the hotel and had all the good intentions to work out. And had I not been so full, it would have happened.

back to the hotel and thought about it. but laziness prevailed

But decided to wash up and retire to my room.

back to my room and punched

Now the next morning, I was really looking forward to my meditative walk on the beach, but that ended up being more like wishful thinking. Shenanigans!

woke up to this! Gay!

That didn’t stop me from getting my grub on. Went to the main lobby and managed to get one of the last umbrellas from the concierge.

got an umbrella from concierge and walked to breakfast

“Wild berry” was what the concierge highly recommended to start my day.  And he was right on point to.  Couldn’t decide between the oreo smores, or tiramisu panackes.  But in the end, I was pursuaded to get the wildberry panackes with marscapone!  Glad they persuaded me in that direction.

“wildberry” made the cut on Randolph street. prudential plaza.  just  a few blocks from hotel.
panakes with marscapone
what up 312? from the 313!

Lunch was Giordanos.

The best deep dish I’ve had yet!
Back to the grind at the airport
for a moll-eta opened faced sandwich at frontera. So good!

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San Francisco long layover Chinatown-financial district

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Nee-hao!  I’m so sad to say, but my epic journey with the canon SX-130 has come to an abrupt end.  It took a crap on me in San Francisco.  I was quite upset about it at first.  Luckily, I had Teddy (like the bear), who is one of the coolest crew members ever to console me while it all happened!  He tried performing surgery on it, but couldn’t resuscitate. Oh well. Shite happens. It was fatally flawed straight from the rip anyways.  The thing sucked up batteries like there was no tomorrow.  Shame, because it takes wonderful pictures.  So I am in search of a new one.  If anybody knows of a good blogging camera, please leave me a comment.  I would L,O,V,E love any suggestions.   Other than that little bump, my layover was awesome as always since San Francisco is one of my fave urban cities in the U.S! On a side note, besides the kick ass food, I would have to say one of the highlights of this layover is observing all the Chinese centenarians living life as healthy as a horse.  No pun intended.   I have never seen so many in my life congregated in one area, kicking it. Amazing!  Any-hoot, enjoy my pics.  There are lots of cheap eats I found. There was much-ado. The marathon, Giants game and Asian festival.  Lots of hustle and bustle this past weekend.  Perused and enjoyed it all!  Good stuff!

P.S. I am playing around with the slide show and gallery features in this post.  Dunno what I am really doing. I do know that if you click and  hover over the thumbnails,  it takes you to the enlarged photos.  Figuring it out as  I go.    “Zai-Jian.!”  That’s mandarin for goodbye or English version, “Ah see you rater,arrigator”

As always thank you for visiting.  If you have any questions, pleasefeel free to ask, vote 5 stars ;) or even follow me. I have a ton of recipes  on this site you maybe interested in.  I would love that!  I’ll get back with you as soon as I can with your questions and comments. Promise.  Happy eating and have a beautiful day!

Ontario, California-yay or eh?

I’m laying over in Ontario. Never been.  I was a virgin to this destination til today and virgin destinations don’t happen to me very often anymore.  So I was semi-excited.  The other Flight attendant I was working with thought we were going to Canada. Now, I knew we weren’t going to Canada.  But I wasn’t any better myself  because even though I knew we were headed to Cali, I had no idea where at in Cali.  So I google mapped it.  Closest city that I recognized was Rancho Cucamonga.  Only because of the movie, “Next Friday”  with Ice cube.  Lol  Anyvay, here are my pics of the day.

First things first.  The working trip here.  I got on the plane and I always get wierded out when I have to fly first in flights or dang near it.  The whole working out the quirks on anything new gets my jitters going.  I think they call this the dream liner or something? On second thought, maybe that’s the 787. Well, at least the parts look dreamliner-ish.   Oh who knows. All I know is I couldn’t work the lighting on this piece! And those overheads were a bee-yah to close.  But  the aqua blue lighting was very feng shui! So this aircraft was alright with me.

 Arrived and waited for the van 25 minutes to come get us.  Ugh!  101 ways to drive a crew crazy?! Make them wait for the van after a long duty day.  But the driver made up for it with cookies. They got me with 2 extra.  Gluttony.

So my excursion started and kept continuing with flowers. I snapped this shot because my cool cousin Tony would love the  Brilliant yellow.

We came across artwork from the Local artists…Shame, because other than this, it was a pretty area.

I’ve already eaten three square meals at this point of the day. I’ve been up since 4 a.m. eastern time. So technically it was dinner, but it was only lunch on the west coast so hey, why not fit more meals here in Ontario, eh?  It was either Yoshinoya beef bowl or In-n-Out burger.  Well that was a no brainer.

The best part.  The menu and walk up window.  Simplicity at its best! There will be no A.D.D.  No choices for you!!! LOL The workers weren’t playing either.  You better know what you want when you get up to the window or face the wrath.

  The grassy knoll underneath the palms trees was our dining table.  Perfect.

Took our time eating, talking the biz. About turbulence, and severe bodly injuries from turbulence.  Yikes! A Flight Attendant’s worst nightmare.

We walked off the calories. These pink flowers were growing like weeds near the highway. Purty!

Pretty in pink blossoms

The reddest roses ever.  But I couldn’t capture how brilliant the red was.

And then there were the puppies.  Oh the puppies!

Puppy one and puppy two.  Brothers!  They tackled us with their puppy breath.  The smell of puppy breath drives me to the brink of adoption.

Only in California  can you find signs for Menudo at the motel 6

Johnny Depp was hiding behind those bushes making artwork. 

So my choices for dinner were Indian, Japanese Yoshinoya beef bowl or Marie Calenders.  I chose Marie Calenders under my O. G. Jodies advice since she mentioned it is quite the popular choice amongst the frozen food population of American homes.  She gives a compelling argument. So off I went  like a prom dress.

P.S. I awt to have re-named this post “the california flower” right?   I appreciate the flowers!

Got to Marie Calenders and it felt like I was in the movie “Waiting”.  The restaurant had an uncanny resemblance to Shenanigans, which I thought was shenanigans.

Ordered, got some cornbread, the rose mary chicken with field greeens candied pecans and mandarin oranges and the double cream blueberry pie to go.  Whoa, it was alot!

Trotted my happy ass back to the hotel and took  a few last pictures of the scenery and falling sun!

The sunset.

Weeping trees of some sort…

No wonder the flowers and trees are so happy here in Ontario.  All that recycled water!

 Now time for my night cap from Marie Calenders.  Double cream blueberry cheesecake! It was off the heezy! I was in a coma after this. Trust! 

Worked the flight to Denver the next day.  The view from my office.  The rocky mountains. Buh-bye to everyone of ya’s! Til next time!

As always thank you for visiting.  If you have any questions, pleasefeel free to ask, vote 5 stars ;) or even follow me. I have a ton of recipes  on this site you maybe interested in.  I would love that!  I’ll get back with you as soon as I can with your questions and comments. Promise.  Happy eating and have a beautiful day!

Vancouver-Long layover!

I think I’ve decided to start writing about good eats and fun things to do on my layovers.  I’m morphing a section of my blog  dedicated to this.  Not only will this help me remember where to eat and things to do, but will help other airline crews out and I’m all about helping fellow front line workers.  We’ll see how my dedication goes with this section, fingers crossed.  Hoping that laziness won’t prevail and I’ll keep at it.  So I had one of my most favorite layovers ever in the Continental system the other day!  I was perusing open time shopping and there it was.  A 32 hr YVR layover! Vancouver, yeah buddy!   I snatched it right up too.  Was very excited because I haven’t been to Vancouver since before my first born.  Which was around 7 years ago.  I didn’t mind the five drink minimum the other FA’s forewarned me  about either because the Canadians are for the most part, super nice!  And the destination is way worth it. There is so much to say about this beautiful city. Robson street, the food, the sea planes taking off and landing like your on fantasy island when you look outside your hotel window, the whistler and biking the majestic stanley park around the English Bay.  It’s the creme de la creme of Canada.  That and I kept hearing that the hotel we stay at now is oober nice!  There was a mall, the metro, and foodcourt in the basement of the hotel.  So in theory, I didn’t really need to step outside the hotel if I didn’t want too. But that ain’t how I roll.  The only thing I regret about this trip was not being able to rent a bike and huff it around Stanley park because in my opinion, that park is one of the most beautiful parks I’ve ever been in an urban environment.

For starters, I’ll first put up a pic of the F.O. who got me hip to the Japa-Dog!  I had a chance to talk to him for a bit up in the pit and he briefed me about this Japanaese hot dog.  He was right on point too.  They are known for their Kobe beef hot dog with various Japanese toppings!

Shout out to Dan and the Japa-dog for the great recommendation.

The Japa-dog are outside vendors, but I wanted to enjoy my meal inside so I walked down Robson street and found the restaurant.  I was greeted by the most friendly Japanese fast food crew ever!   I ended up getting their signature dog which came in the number one combo.  “Teryiamo” an all beef hot dog served with  mayo sauce, a terriyaki mayo and seaweed combo.  Along with shoyu butter browned bag shaken french fries!  The fries were the  bomb diggity yo!  For the realz!  This place was packed too.  Standing room only!

Afterwards, went right next door to Beard Papa for dessert also on Robson street!

I got myself a green tea cream puff.  Creamy and whipped!  Not too sweet.  I think I might favor their vanilla custard better,  although this wasn’t bad! But not sweet at all compared to the other fillings I’ve tried!

I walked the shops of Robson.  Was really wanting to go for a bike ride but it started to rain on me and after an hour,  I went into a Blenz coffee house because this sign suckered me in….

Damn sign got me.  But who wouldn’t want hot chocolate made out of pure Belgian chocolate on a cold rainy day?  I thought this was a mom and pop owned coffee shop, but found out this is more like a Canadian  version of Starbucks,  but better as far as hot chocolate is concerned.

I thought I died and gone to heaven when I tasted it.  They asked if I wanted dark, milk or white and I chose the milk chocolate.  Got the kid size because I was trying to count calories!  Funny since I has just hossed down on fries an hour earlier!  This is the best tasting hot chocolate I ever had by far. The picture doesn’t do it any justice.

Went back to my hotel room and rested up for a bit.  Called the crew to see if they wanted to go ride bikes at Stanley. No dice! Then went shopping for some Parada at the Pacific Center. Was way thirsty so went and got me an orange Julius at the food court!

Waited some more to see if the rains would die down so I could rent a bike.  No luck.  After a few more hrs of window shopping, I decided to go to Ramen Sanpachi Japanese noodle house for dinner to wrap up my food adventure of the day.  This is located off bute and robson street.  Since the cold windy weather was such a drag at this point. Nice hot soup was calling my name.  I wanna say this was the miso ramen I got.

Good stuff!  Hit the spot too! I was cashed after eating half!

I decided to walk towards the board walk to coal harbour and watch some water planes take off and land.  On the way, took pics of spring at its finest next to my hotel…..

Then to Coal harbour and took some mediocre photos.  I’m thinking I need to take a photo class because these photos aren’t doing the scenery any justice.  That or you tube might be able to teach me a thing or two on digital photography.

Floating Gas Station for Marine vessels

Went walking towards Stanley Park to the other side of the city to English Bay and got a wonderful surprise.  Sun came out. @  English Bay Beach

Here is the entrance to  Stanley park in the upper left corner of pic below.  I would have walked it but my feet couldn’t carry me anymore. That and it was already dusk.

Pretty sunset

English Bay Beach and the the huge logs.

Watched this dude do back flips for a while, while I basked in the peacefulness of the sun setting!

Before I caught a cab back to the hotel, I took one last shot!

4 a.m. wake up the next morning and back to the grind.  What a wonderful crew.  It always makes working so much better when you have a great crew!  Shout out to  Steve, Nick, Kim and Sharon.

 Back to dtw on the commute.

With the morning line up

Alas,  home sweet home! Walked off the plane and captured one last shot while I waited for Robert and the kiddos to come get me!

Morris Thai and Van Gogh’s Ear Cafe Union, New Jersey Food review

Oct 25th, 2011

It’s that time of year.  Re-current training got its creep on once more and I’m ill prepared.  I really don’t wanna do the damn thing.  Mostly cause this foot is still bothering me and who knows if it’s gonna let me get through door drills.  Think I’ll pop a pain killer to get me through.  I have an inner battle going on with the stigma that comes with pain pills.  But I have to re-qualify.  I just have to.  So it’s justified I guess.

I flew in a day early to hang with my original Jersey girl, Sarojanie.  We worked at Continental way back in our primitive days.  Where the cool thing to do on reserve was Boston shuttles on an MD-80 and deadheading to smaller cities like Buffalo in first class on a 737 was still the norm before the regional jets took over.  My have times changed.

There were always 3 things that happened when we flew together.  Thing number one.  We always flew Boston.  Thing number two.  We always seemed to rush to our next plane late cause we were too busy fartin around the terminal.  And thing number three.  We always got stuck riding the “ghost ship” where the the back of an MD-80 was supposedly haunted and the lav light always went off no matter how many times it was fixed by maintenance. But that didn’t cover the faint ghostly voices crews heard from the same lav. And how Sarojanie would be freezing back there next to the tail cone while the call light was steady going off.  It freaked us out.  I’m dead serious.

I landed in Newark and waited for her to get me.  I was looking forward to it too.  The plan was to ride into Long Island.

We left Jersey and got on the Goethals into Staten Island. She briefed me on her soon to be ex and all the antics he’s been up to.  I probably shouldn’t be talkin smack, but this guy has been actin a fool ever since way back in the day.  He engages in pure asshole-ism.  It’s like a soap opera every time I hear one shady story after another.  Glad she is cutting him off after all the shenanigans he’s pulled.  But what I love about her is that through all the pain, she’s got the utmost faith that this is just a stepping stone towards her path to happiness.   It takes a courageous woman to break free from the riff raff.   I’m proud of her!  Truly!

Long car rides, coffee and engaging in conversation=free therapy. That’s what it’s all about!  We caught up on each others lives and talked about the usual airline biz.   All while passing Staten Island, Brooklyn,  Queens and Long Island towards Mineola.  Two hours went by in a blink, but we were stuck in slow traffic. Surprised?!  Not. Our final destination was still over a half hour away and it wasn’t even rush hour yet.  Sarojanie cursed up a storm in her Jersey accent about  New York traffic.  Her temper always makes me laugh.  I just love when “all out Jersey” comes out of her when she drives.   This predicament meant canceling our previous engagements and turning around to drive all the way back. Perfect!

We got back on the Verrazano  just in time to catch  the  falling sun.  It was dinner time!  And I was red to go!

We dropped her son off to the parental units and headed off to Union to scout out potential places to eat.  Union is like a bigger version of Plymouth.  Except the cool part is that it’s only a short Path ride to the city!  Jealous!  She talked about Morris Thai cafe and how it made a debut on the Food Network.   So I let her take me to see what all the hoopla was  about.  We started with spring rolls.   I usually hate these but they were the best I’ve had at any Asian Restaurant so far.  We got chicken satay.  Then ordered Pad Thai and Fried Red Snapper over Asian chili sauce.  Don’t let the picture scare you cause this was the bomb!

It was peaceful there. Although Saroj told me during lunch rush, it’s packed with businessman. I’d rather have the former setting. We ate our dinner in peace and it was nice and intimate.  Just the way I like.

Our bellies were full but we were good to go for coffee and dessert.  We went straight across to Van Gogh’s Ear Cafe.  We were greeted by an out door patio with summer lights strung above the tables leading towards the cafe.  It was quite welcoming.   There were fluffy couches, lined bookshelves, a coffee bar, cozy chairs and a stage.  We settled in on a couch and ordered some lattes with whipped cream.

Then some more gluttony with Tiramisu.  I could’ve eaten three more it was so good.

One of the more relaxing parts of the evening was listening to the Acoustics of Michael Glazier. Come to find out he performed on abc’s “The View”.  This makes me miss living in such close proximity to New York City.  All the fantastic artists and bands.  This was one of my faves of the evening.  “Wonderwall”  so I recorded him…..

Well dessert and music at Van Gogh’s ear came to an abrupt end and my visit with Saroj was coming to a close.  Her hospitality is top notch, bar-none. I’m glad I got to spend quality time with her.  It’s been too long.

The next morning, I got up and finished re-current training and flew back home….

I’ll leave you with a view of the sunset from the R.J. on the commute back to DTW.  I had my head stuck literally to the window taking pics and blinding the disgruntled  flight attendant and the rest of the cabin with my flash.  Haha.  Haters!  Let’em hate!  Til next time!

Laredo Taco Company South Padre Island, TX

Food review

Today was an exciting day for the P. fam. funk.  Pirates were on the Horizon.  This is all Robert and the kids talked about for days.  My son has taken an extreme liking to pirates.  So there was much anticipation leading to today.

We went on a 2 hour pirate cruise with actors telling us to walk the plank, water guns, swords, skits and the whole nine.  Love was the first to volunteer for an act, but snubbed the pirates when they painted a mustache on her.  So we all got mustaches painted on our faces, including grandma and grandpa.

This was my view on the ship.  I thought it was pretty so I snapped a quick shot of the causeway.  Pretty good aperture if I do say so myself.

Robert woke me up this morning with a hurried voice and the keys already in his hands asking, “What kind of tacos do you want?”  I was barely conscious enough to mumble “potato and egg”, as he basically ran out the door.  I was excited about breakfast cause I knew where he was going and I, like  my son and the pirate ship expedition, was eager beaver to have my taco fix from the Laredo taco company.  Twenty minutes later he was back with the goods.

Let me just real quick say, I grew up in the north and my idea of breakfast tacos were more like breakfast burritos from Mcdonalds. Gay!  These are far from them.  They are in a totally different league and will have you sprung!

They’re located in stripes gas stations of all places.  And I’ve never seen them north of the valley.  Who would’ve known that the best breakfast taco on the island would be at a gas station, right?  When we went back the next day to get more, I overheard a vacationer paying for gas asking the cashier, “you guys serve food here or something?”  That’s where I should’ve butted in and said, “Yes!  Go back.  It’s good. You won’t be disappointed!”

There’s usually a pretty good wait in line so I pass the time by getting hot sauce.  Robert likes the super caliente.  I like the salsa verde.

The home made flour tortillas are part of the kicker here.  I turn my nose to ready made ones from the store since I got hip to the home made stuff. They mix the dough, knead it, roll it out and cook it before filling them.

Now, these ladies kind of scare me.  They’re somewhat the Mexican version of the soup Nazi’s kitchen.  So you better know what you want when it’s your turn or you may get checked.  They begin by asking  if you want re-fried beans.  I’m still not a fan of beans in my breakfast tacos so I kindly pass.

My husband on the other hand, being the native he is, always accepts with a prompt, “Si, y huevos con chorizo por favor.”  I’ve tried many other “fillers” as the locals call it, machacado, barbacoa, even chicharrone.

But I always fall back on my two favorites, potato and egg or bacon and egg.    I’m telling you, these go off.  They have  such a huge following.  And no wonder why.  They’re a buck a taco.  Okay, okay.. maybe a buck and a quarter.  They are the bomb diggity and just talking about it makes my stomach do somersaults.

P.S. Robert surprised me with a new drink.  Horchata cappucino.  We usually get cold horchata.  Our fave.  It’s a rice milk drink! This hot drink added a new twist.  Okay, that’s all for now folks.  ttyl

Pelican Station Port Isabel, TX

Food Review


Woke up this morning feeling like P. diddy. The sun was shining and I walked out to the patio to see the fishing boats parked behind grandpa’s fishing guide store he works at.

 There is something special about waking up in the morning to the sounds and smells of the ocean  when you haven’t been in a while.  It’s like the flowing water gives you a sense of rebirth and revitalization.   I opened the door to the patio hearing the beautiful sounds  of sea birds.   Speaking of birds,  we went to the Pelican Station for a great start.

Quite a fitting name.  There’s a ton of Pelicans overlooking the causeway.

The restaurant sits on an old train station with quite a bit of history.  An old boxcar and tracks greet you as you pull in the lot.  We stopped for a picture op in front of the locomotive.  Robert said that the old train tracks ran straight into the bay and pointed to the direction they were in.  You can supposedly see them.  But for us, no dice! We’re gonna have to bring Grandpa to breakfast next time.  Or I guess we could’ve just asked Grandma.  Anyways this is one of their places they go to get a great cheap breakfast.  It’s good to be in with the locals! 🙂  We watched the children frolic on the boardwalk and took more pics.   The sun was blaring and it was only 9 in the morning.    We went inside and I was greeted with a serene atmosphere.

Now, I dunno if it was the dark Tobacco accents in the decor, the high ceiling fans or the color of the walls but this place reminded me of Cuba.  Like I’ve been to Cuba right?  I loved the chairs in the waiting room too.  It looked like old school chairs or maybe even old train chairs.  That would make more sense though.

We sat down in front of the huge bay windows to a wonderful view of the water.  And grandma pointed the scenery out.

Then we ordered our meals and much to my delight were given cookies to start off.  Not just any cookies.  Pan de Polvo!  I love the hints of Mexican cuisine in the food here!  It’s part of the local flare and although people who live here year round don’t think anything of it.  It is much appreciated by super foodies like me.  These cookies have a crisp milky flavor to them and are coated with cinnamon and sugar.  They fall apart.  And there is something so pleasant about them.  Like they melt and become one with your taste buds.  Completely addicting.  I felt as though I was committing a sin eating them before breakfast.  Especially since I ate half!

Breakfast came and for 2.99, no wonder why grandmomz and popz love this joint.   We were given  eggs, bacon, re-fried beans and some fresh home made  flower tortillas.  Did I say flower?  I meant flour.  LOL   Anyways I will def.  go again!  This place is the bees knees.

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