Plymouth Love and the Green St.  Fair

It’s that time of year again!  The green street fair came to Plymouth and it reminds me of why I love this city.  Now even though I’ve been all over the world, I tend to look at Plymouth as the end all and be all city at times.  I get all plymouth’ed out when these type of festivals come to town.  I got my camera out and took my son and daughter on special one on one  dates to the festival and snapped away.  The only thing I was bummed about was not taking pictures of the farm animals.  My Canon ran out of batteries when I got to that part of our excursion.  The animals weren’t there anyways.  I assume they were on a coffee break.  That or on strike.  I would hope the latter…Anyhoot, enjoy my pics!  Go green ya’ll…

When I smell a fair coming. The parking regulators come a’ regulatin.

We got there early  Friday to see what all the hoopla was all about this year.  Fox 2 got in on the action.  We inadvertently ended up being on the News that day. My daughter said “mommy look, we are on the news” when we got home.

Out first tent.  Recycled wine bottles! 

If these work, I’ll take a hundred of them..

Soy candles for the greener glow in you!!!  And I will never go back to burning wax  again!

Just Say no to GMO’s.  No genetically modified organisms in this seed!

The fountain of youth gone green. Or more like the toddlers of Plymouth’s watering hole!

Detroit rock city!

Locked and loaded

   It ain’t a fair without the fair foodI should’ve fired myself for not getting my son butterfly chips.

Greek food vendors.  That’s hardcore 313 right there baby!

 The best food fair in the bizDeep fried elephant ear frenzy.

There is something about BBQ that gets me stoked.  I hate to admit it, but I guess it’s the inner Texan coming out in me.  Since I lived in 3 cities in Texas, I claim Texan once in a while depending on my mood.

I might’ve stumbled upon the holy grail of BBQ pitts.

Door to door organics tent from Livonia.  Thinkin to my self, “self, I might just try it out this year.”

I’m all about the fuel efficiency, but are they safe?

Fun facts of a greener car. Ironically, it require so many of those greenbacks!

I’m thinking  the Romans came up with this one or maybe even the Chinese? Like the cistern thing? Dunno really.  Great concept though.

Dearborn animal shelter green tent got in on the recycling concept.  Hoping this little guy got adopted.  He was the sweetest.

This was a black lab mix

Recycled books for the sustainable reader in you!

Fudge buckets!  Mackinac Island made a cameo!

The boxed village construction site for the kids. It was game over after she saw this. My daughter didn’t wanna have anything else to do with the rest of the fair!  Proof that all they need are boxes to occupy their time.  Self entertainment at its best.

Cheers to another year of going green in my city!  Plymouth Love! That’s what its all about! Til next time everyone!

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