Food Review

My very dear and wise, old friend, Jeff, who is now a hot shot in the Navy once told me  in his Navy demeanor, “If you don’t make any time, you won’t have any time.”   Dang this fool always makes me laugh with his one liners that can move mountains.  I love it. Well, today was one of those days where I didn’t have any time.  So I figured I’d make some.

But first let’s rewind back to my foolproof plan to make my life a tad easier by  cramming all our extracurricular activities to one day of the week.  Well, it was proving not to be so foolproof.  Apparently, dance, school and swim lessons was putting  a little bit too much on my plate for one day.  I especially was loathing today because I was running late for everything.  And of course, when I run late, it’s puts the kids on this automatic gridlock when I ask them to hurry and go faster.  So I decided to make more time the hour I had between school and ballet lessons for my daughter and order dinner out.

I was at a loss what to have and my husband immediately said, “Let’s get Sheikh.”   Usually I have an instant rebuttle when he mentions this.  I turned him on to middle eastern food when we first started dating and now he’s addicted to the point  where I will turn blue in the face if we have to eat it one more time.  But I went on a long sabbatical so I was G.T.G.  Good to go!  I ordered and picked it up and the aroma just about blew me back on the drive home.   This could easily be one of my top reasons I love  the greater Detroit metropolitan area.  All the really great authentic middle eastern cuisine to choose from.

This is pretty much a no fail meal here.  Robert always makes me get extra garlic sauce, which my three year old son can eat a whole tub of if I don’t stop him,  and extra fresh baked pita bread of course.

We always get lentil soup and fattoush salad, which I am convinced they sprinkle crack on like Mcdonalds does on their french fries.

We always order the half deboned chicken with the sauce on the side and almond rice.  And it’s on the cheap too.  About 10 bucks for 1/2 a deboned chicken.   Off the heezy!  For the realz!

I have mine with the long pita bread that comes with the dish and I am in serious palate nirvana.  The sauce has this tang that is so wonderful.  Never a disappointment!  Yup, Yup.  A taste bud explosion.