I’m intuitive. words lie, faces don’t. I’m a world traveler..always will be. I’m a culinary snob! So if I’ve been to the country or ethnic community, I’ve cooked the food! Grew up Catholic, but embrace Buddhism. Loathing materialism, less is more for me. I abhor clutter, therefore hoarders. I’m a minimalist at heart. So please no gifts. It’s just more to dust! I Love eastern principles, applaud natural healing, & try not to succumb to our germaphobic nation. I love to create with my hands & gardening. Love learning about other cultures & adore my own. Understanding other religions intrigues me, just leave any talks of conversion at my door. I believe people of all religions will go to heaven or their version of it! I Love my family & friends, who doesn’t!? I’ve come to learn the best things in life don’t require those greenbacks. Everyone has their own path. Be awakened, listen to yourself & for God’s sake be true to yourself!

I am an American born Filipino.  Lived in the P.I. in my early years until about 5.  My parents stuck me in front of Sesame Street to learn English so Ilocano was my first language.  I love my heritage and my family is the epitamy of enforcing  stereotypes.  Just look at some of my videos.  I’ve always been a foodie.  I have a diverse appetite and am not scared to try anything.  Since becoming a Flight Attendant in 2001, I’ve had the opportunity to travel EVERYWHERE and my palette has been on a wondrous overload of the best cuisines the world has to offer!

                  My photography skills are not on par with Tom Ang, but I’m hoping to get there someday.  My site is a mixture of Filipino food, home cooked and travel inspired recipes, as well as beats and eats in the cities I’ve traveled.  I am not afraid to try others recipes and I will site the book or web address I got it from.   I will also get back with you if you have any questions or comments on any of my recipes!  Meanwhile, enjoy my blog and happy eats!