Coffee! An integral part of my balance! 

    Coffee rituals say a lot about us. I do mine mostly alone but enjoy it very well with my closest crew and good conversation which often ends up gearing towards the meaning of life type discussions.  Flying multiple day trips strips away a lot of my balance. So when I have time off, all I want to do is be grounded. And part of my returning to balance is morning coffee! Usually alone, with a good book to start and basking in my thoughts…….

    Today’s deep thoughts…..It’s been one year.  Exactly 1 year today, we celebrated  my mother’s passing.  When I stop my busy life, in these still, quiet moments, I think of her most.  It dazes me. Mainly because we didn’t have the ideal relationship. But what is really? I never walked a mile or two in her shoes. But the older I get, the more aware I am of why she made the choices she did.  The only way she knew how. There was 5 of us.  As with any relationship with any mother. It went something like this. There are times when we hated her, yet we loved her. Times when we despised her, yet we were in awe of her.  There is nothing more magical than that of a mothers’ caress, tucking you in bed. The way she looks at you with her soft, gleaming eyes and her glowing face with love illuminating from her whole being. Nothing feels more safe as you radiate your love back to her. Those magical moments when mothers exube that unconditinal love. Nothing quite like it in the world!  That kind of energy moves mountains.  Time is borrowed. I wish it was an endless source. Especially now that I have my own children.  I can never  give enough of myself to them.  And there are times when I feel like I’m ripping one off.  I only have two and I can’t imagine how my parents felt with 5.  

   As I’m returning to balance, cup of coffee in hand and soaking in the quiet, stillness of the air, she’s in my morning thoughts.  I reflect on my  relationship with her. And that with my own children. I wonder how she felt when she made mistakes.  Parenting.  It’s full of them.  Mistakes and forgiveness, and you’re at center stage with no dry runs. 

    Anyhoot, snapping back, I’ve accidentally made my morning cup healthy. A light went off a while back and I started adding coconut oil, cayenne pepper, cinnamon and turmeric.  Another part of my ritual is drinking out of meaningful cups. Today, I chose my late Auntie Lynn’s old school Corelle. Mama and auntie Lynn had the same pattern.  Green and yellow. I feel very sophisticated drinking out of vintage. And privileged. What an honor it is to have them. The memories!  Plus, it gives me comfort knowing my ancestors are all around me in my daily rituals.  I listed some health properties of these spices. I add a dash of each, a tsp of coconut oil & with cream-n-sugar naturally. Careful with the cayenne. Even just a little karate chops me in the throat like whoa first thing in the morning! 

Health benefits of coffee:

  • Improves energy and makes you smarter
  • Burns fat and improves physical performance
  • Lowers risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Protects from Alzheimer’s, dementia, and Parkinson’s 
  • Protects liver
  • Fights depression and makes you happier
  • Lowers risk of stroke and some cancers
  • Helps you live longer and is the biggest source of antiboxidants in the western diet

Health benefits of Coconut oil:

  • Increases energy and burns more fat
  • Lauric acid in coconut kills off bacteria, fungus and viruses
  • Helps cholesterol levels
  • Boosts brain function in Alzheimer’s patients
  • Helps loose belly fat

Health benefits of Turmeric:

  • Strong anti inflammatory paired with oils and black pepper 
  • Lowers risk of brain disease and improves brain function
  • Lowers risk of heart disease
  • Prevents and treats cancer
  • Helps arthritis patients
  • Studies show helps with depression
  • Helps delay aging 

Health benefits of cayenne:

    • Promotes weight loss and boosts metabolism
    • Anti fungal
    • Treats cancer
    • Digestive aid
    • Relieves joint pain
    • Treats headaches 

    Benefits of cinnamon:

    • Anti inflammatory
    • High in antioxidants
    • Has powerful anti diabetic affect
    • Beneficial effects on neurodegenarative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s 
    • Protective against cancer
    • Helps fight  fungal and bacterial infections
    • May help fight HIV

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