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Just when I thought I wanted to transfer back to international flying, I got a hard core dose of why I transferred out of the international base to begin with.  Loved, loved, loved the international destinations and the one leg there and back factor, but I don’t think one can ever get use to the jet leg.  I was a walking zombie all of 2002.  Anyhoot, I’ve done one redeye after the next all month long.  And that’s  what international flying essentially is.  Continuous redeyes!  One thing that I can never get use to, working red eyes against my circadian rhythms.   I don’t know where I’ve been and I don’t no where I am at.  My body is use to it’s natural clock.  Good thing I have my handy dandy camera with me so I can capture all my destinations and remember.  In between my back to back redeyes, I had a long Sea-tac!  Here is emerald city thru my eyes!

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