I’m laying over in Ontario. Never been.  I was a virgin to this destination til today and virgin destinations don’t happen to me very often anymore.  So I was semi-excited.  The other Flight attendant I was working with thought we were going to Canada. Now, I knew we weren’t going to Canada.  But I wasn’t any better myself  because even though I knew we were headed to Cali, I had no idea where at in Cali.  So I google mapped it.  Closest city that I recognized was Rancho Cucamonga.  Only because of the movie, “Next Friday”  with Ice cube.  Lol  Anyvay, here are my pics of the day.

First things first.  The working trip here.  I got on the plane and I always get wierded out when I have to fly first in flights or dang near it.  The whole working out the quirks on anything new gets my jitters going.  I think they call this the dream liner or something? On second thought, maybe that’s the 787. Well, at least the parts look dreamliner-ish.   Oh who knows. All I know is I couldn’t work the lighting on this piece! And those overheads were a bee-yah to close.  But  the aqua blue lighting was very feng shui! So this aircraft was alright with me.

 Arrived and waited for the van 25 minutes to come get us.  Ugh!  101 ways to drive a crew crazy?! Make them wait for the van after a long duty day.  But the driver made up for it with cookies. They got me with 2 extra.  Gluttony.

So my excursion started and kept continuing with flowers. I snapped this shot because my cool cousin Tony would love the  Brilliant yellow.

We came across artwork from the Local artists…Shame, because other than this, it was a pretty area.

I’ve already eaten three square meals at this point of the day. I’ve been up since 4 a.m. eastern time. So technically it was dinner, but it was only lunch on the west coast so hey, why not fit more meals here in Ontario, eh?  It was either Yoshinoya beef bowl or In-n-Out burger.  Well that was a no brainer.

The best part.  The menu and walk up window.  Simplicity at its best! There will be no A.D.D.  No choices for you!!! LOL The workers weren’t playing either.  You better know what you want when you get up to the window or face the wrath.

  The grassy knoll underneath the palms trees was our dining table.  Perfect.

Took our time eating, talking the biz. About turbulence, and severe bodly injuries from turbulence.  Yikes! A Flight Attendant’s worst nightmare.

We walked off the calories. These pink flowers were growing like weeds near the highway. Purty!

Pretty in pink blossoms

The reddest roses ever.  But I couldn’t capture how brilliant the red was.

And then there were the puppies.  Oh the puppies!

Puppy one and puppy two.  Brothers!  They tackled us with their puppy breath.  The smell of puppy breath drives me to the brink of adoption.

Only in California  can you find signs for Menudo at the motel 6

Johnny Depp was hiding behind those bushes making artwork. 

So my choices for dinner were Indian, Japanese Yoshinoya beef bowl or Marie Calenders.  I chose Marie Calenders under my O. G. Jodies advice since she mentioned it is quite the popular choice amongst the frozen food population of American homes.  She gives a compelling argument. So off I went  like a prom dress.

P.S. I awt to have re-named this post “the california flower” right?   I appreciate the flowers!

Got to Marie Calenders and it felt like I was in the movie “Waiting”.  The restaurant had an uncanny resemblance to Shenanigans, which I thought was shenanigans.

Ordered, got some cornbread, the rose mary chicken with field greeens candied pecans and mandarin oranges and the double cream blueberry pie to go.  Whoa, it was alot!

Trotted my happy ass back to the hotel and took  a few last pictures of the scenery and falling sun!

The sunset.

Weeping trees of some sort…

No wonder the flowers and trees are so happy here in Ontario.  All that recycled water!

 Now time for my night cap from Marie Calenders.  Double cream blueberry cheesecake! It was off the heezy! I was in a coma after this. Trust! 

Worked the flight to Denver the next day.  The view from my office.  The rocky mountains. Buh-bye to everyone of ya’s! Til next time!

As always thank you for visiting.  If you have any questions, pleasefeel free to ask, vote 5 stars ;) or even follow me. I have a ton of recipes  on this site you maybe interested in.  I would love that!  I’ll get back with you as soon as I can with your questions and comments. Promise.  Happy eating and have a beautiful day!