Mexican rice para cinco de Mayo.

My sister once asked me, “When is Cino de Mayo?”  Funny some of the things I recall.  Now my Spanglish is pretty bad, but I knew the answer.  Had I not known any better, I would’ve thought that she was yanking my chain.  But it was my sister and she’s not always the sharpest tool in the shed, God love her.  So I knew she was dead serious when she asked.  My response,” Uh, May 5th” with an, are you serious?, face. She chuckled and went on her merry way, continuing our conversation.  Luckily, she loves to laugh at herself when she is having one of her moments and realizes it.  Which I love because she has  a lot of ’em.  That’s one great thing about her.  She can laugh at herself and her funny energy carries over the entire room.  And it always makes me smile.  Funny thing is, she once owned a Mexican restaurant and I remember working there with her on Cinco de Mayo when it was slammed.   I specifically remember the rice and chilaquiles.  I haven’t been able to find rice or chilaquiles like that ever since.  And that was a long time ago.

Recently, I stopped by the local Mexican grocery I frequent in Westland off Ford Rd, Dos Hermanos, and asked the cashier how he makes Mexican rice.  He ended up getting his mom in the back where the restaurant is and she started rambling on in a thick Spanish accent about browning your rice, adding onions smashed tomatoes, tomato bouillon, etc, etc.  I could barely understand her, but I was picking up what she was putting down.  I re-iterated what she said and for the most part,  I got the gist of it.  I made it once I got home and I let my husband be the judge because he swears he’s Mexican by geographic orientation.  Well he loved it and now he makes it that way too.  Two toots for the Hispanic lady who helped me make this bangin rice!  Toot, Toot!


1 to 2 tablespoon canola oil

2 1/2 cups of long grain rice

3 cups water

1 large tomato chopped fine

1 chopped onion

1 knorr tomato bouillion cube

dash of salt to taste


1.) Heat pan with canola oil and brown rice to light golden just to toast and give a nutty depth of flavor.

2.) Add chopped onion and tomatoes to pan.  This is where the lady told me I could mash the tomatoes with a mortal and pestle, but that would involve a bit too much work for me so I chopped the tomatoes.

3.)  Add three cups of water to pan.  Add tomato bouillion cube, dash of salt and bring to boil. Stir.  Turn down to a simmer and cover tightly.  Do not disturb.  Let rice cook until fluffy.  Roughly 15-20 minutes.  Fluff with fork.

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