I think I’ve decided to start writing about good eats and fun things to do on my layovers.  I’m morphing a section of my blog  dedicated to this.  Not only will this help me remember where to eat and things to do, but will help other airline crews out and I’m all about helping fellow front line workers.  We’ll see how my dedication goes with this section, fingers crossed.  Hoping that laziness won’t prevail and I’ll keep at it.  So I had one of my most favorite layovers ever in the Continental system the other day!  I was perusing open time shopping and there it was.  A 32 hr YVR layover! Vancouver, yeah buddy!   I snatched it right up too.  Was very excited because I haven’t been to Vancouver since before my first born.  Which was around 7 years ago.  I didn’t mind the five drink minimum the other FA’s forewarned me  about either because the Canadians are for the most part, super nice!  And the destination is way worth it. There is so much to say about this beautiful city. Robson street, the food, the sea planes taking off and landing like your on fantasy island when you look outside your hotel window, the whistler and biking the majestic stanley park around the English Bay.  It’s the creme de la creme of Canada.  That and I kept hearing that the hotel we stay at now is oober nice!  There was a mall, the metro, and foodcourt in the basement of the hotel.  So in theory, I didn’t really need to step outside the hotel if I didn’t want too. But that ain’t how I roll.  The only thing I regret about this trip was not being able to rent a bike and huff it around Stanley park because in my opinion, that park is one of the most beautiful parks I’ve ever been in an urban environment.

For starters, I’ll first put up a pic of the F.O. who got me hip to the Japa-Dog!  I had a chance to talk to him for a bit up in the pit and he briefed me about this Japanaese hot dog.  He was right on point too.  They are known for their Kobe beef hot dog with various Japanese toppings!

Shout out to Dan and the Japa-dog for the great recommendation.

The Japa-dog are outside vendors, but I wanted to enjoy my meal inside so I walked down Robson street and found the restaurant.  I was greeted by the most friendly Japanese fast food crew ever!   I ended up getting their signature dog which came in the number one combo.  “Teryiamo” an all beef hot dog served with  mayo sauce, a terriyaki mayo and seaweed combo.  Along with shoyu butter browned bag shaken french fries!  The fries were the  bomb diggity yo!  For the realz!  This place was packed too.  Standing room only!

Afterwards, went right next door to Beard Papa for dessert also on Robson street!

I got myself a green tea cream puff.  Creamy and whipped!  Not too sweet.  I think I might favor their vanilla custard better,  although this wasn’t bad! But not sweet at all compared to the other fillings I’ve tried!

I walked the shops of Robson.  Was really wanting to go for a bike ride but it started to rain on me and after an hour,  I went into a Blenz coffee house because this sign suckered me in….

Damn sign got me.  But who wouldn’t want hot chocolate made out of pure Belgian chocolate on a cold rainy day?  I thought this was a mom and pop owned coffee shop, but found out this is more like a Canadian  version of Starbucks,  but better as far as hot chocolate is concerned.

I thought I died and gone to heaven when I tasted it.  They asked if I wanted dark, milk or white and I chose the milk chocolate.  Got the kid size because I was trying to count calories!  Funny since I has just hossed down on fries an hour earlier!  This is the best tasting hot chocolate I ever had by far. The picture doesn’t do it any justice.

Went back to my hotel room and rested up for a bit.  Called the crew to see if they wanted to go ride bikes at Stanley. No dice! Then went shopping for some Parada at the Pacific Center. Was way thirsty so went and got me an orange Julius at the food court!

Waited some more to see if the rains would die down so I could rent a bike.  No luck.  After a few more hrs of window shopping, I decided to go to Ramen Sanpachi Japanese noodle house for dinner to wrap up my food adventure of the day.  This is located off bute and robson street.  Since the cold windy weather was such a drag at this point. Nice hot soup was calling my name.  I wanna say this was the miso ramen I got.

Good stuff!  Hit the spot too! I was cashed after eating half!

I decided to walk towards the board walk to coal harbour and watch some water planes take off and land.  On the way, took pics of spring at its finest next to my hotel…..

Then to Coal harbour and took some mediocre photos.  I’m thinking I need to take a photo class because these photos aren’t doing the scenery any justice.  That or you tube might be able to teach me a thing or two on digital photography.

Floating Gas Station for Marine vessels

Went walking towards Stanley Park to the other side of the city to English Bay and got a wonderful surprise.  Sun came out. @  English Bay Beach

Here is the entrance to  Stanley park in the upper left corner of pic below.  I would have walked it but my feet couldn’t carry me anymore. That and it was already dusk.

Pretty sunset

English Bay Beach and the the huge logs.

Watched this dude do back flips for a while, while I basked in the peacefulness of the sun setting!

Before I caught a cab back to the hotel, I took one last shot!

4 a.m. wake up the next morning and back to the grind.  What a wonderful crew.  It always makes working so much better when you have a great crew!  Shout out to  Steve, Nick, Kim and Sharon.

 Back to dtw on the commute.

With the morning line up

Alas,  home sweet home! Walked off the plane and captured one last shot while I waited for Robert and the kiddos to come get me!