YAY! I made this for my kids and added chocolate syrup to mask the turmeric flavor and they absolutely loved it!  Next time, I think I’ll just add dark chocolate cacao powder instead of the syrup and see how they like it. How exciting.  Here is the recipe without the chocolate syrup.  I very much hope you all enjoy this. Turmeric, cinnamon and raw honey have awesome potential health benefits.  But before I share with you my short story of how I got this wonderful concoction, I listed the health benefits I found for each:

Health benefits of Turmeric

-prevent and slow the progression of Alzheimer’s

-Natural antiseptic and anti bacterial agent

-prevents prostate cancer when combined with cauliflower

-prevents and kills melanoma cells

-has prevented breast cancer from entering lungs in mice

-used as an antidepressant by the Chinese

-liver detoxifier

-prevents metastases from occurring in many different forms of cancer.

-aids in metabolism and weight loss

-natural treatment for arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis

-natural painkiller

-potent natural anti-inflammatory without side effects

Health benefits of Cinnamon

-regulates blood sugar

-reduces LDL cholesterol levels

-effective against ulcer-causing H. pylori bacteria

– reduces pain linked to arthritis

-natural food preservative

-cinnamon holds promise for various neuro-degenerative diseases, including: Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, brain tumor, and meningitis,

Health benefits of  Raw honey

-balances blood sugar

-helps with cholesterol

-has a large amount of friendly bacteria

-used for ulcers

-aids in digestion

-aids in sinusitis

-anti-fungal and anti bacterial properties helps to heal wounds

-boosts immunity

-great cough suppressant

I come across some of the most intriguing people flying.  Perks of the J, O, B! So I was commuting into Newark the other day.  Sweatin bullets because I didn’t think I was going to get on.  Luckily,  I got the last seat in the house.  Low and behold, we ended up having a  2 hour ground delay going into Newark. No surprise.   We sat on the hard stand for a good while waiting it out.  This is where I usually take the opportunity to clonk out for the entire delay.  And I rarely talk to people on my commute, but the lady next to me said the last time she flew into Newark, it was really delayed.  My response, “it’s typical air traffic for the Newark/New York area.  It could be clear skies and sunny but the air space is always so saturated.  It doesn’t phase those of us who are use to it though.  That’s just the way the northeast corrider  rolls.”  We were about the same age and she looked pretty cool so I asked what  she  was reading.  I also noticed she pulled out what looked to be a green tortilla.  Interesting.  Being the die hard foodie I am, I asked what it was.  Well, we got to talking and she ended up being a writer that traveled to and from L.A.  We struck up a conversation about writing and she was quite informative. (P.S.  I had no idea that most famous writers don’t write their own books, they hire folks like her, cheaters!) We talked about flat breads from India, which was what she was eating.  She was from the North, I think Punjab, Spoke 4 languages and very much liked to talk about her ethnic cuisine.  She schooled me on why North India is better known for there breads because the land is better adept to growing wheat.  And the south is better known for their rice dishes because  the land and climate are better adapted for the growing conditions.  I had no idea.  Pretty cool.  Makes sense from a geographical standpoint. She not only shared her recipe for “thepla”  the flat-bread she was eating, but she also explained to me how it is cooked on a “tava”.

After over an hour of talking non-stop food.  I finally asked her what she thought about turmeric.  Her response, “I have turmeric everyday, without fail.”  She even had the stuff in her carry on bag.  If she doesn’t have turmeric in a dish everyday, then she would have it warm in a glass of milk with cinnamon  at night.  She said roughly 1/4 tsp  per cup, if my memory serves me correctly.  I have always wanted to incorporate turmeric and cinnamon in my diet because of the wonderful healing qualities both posses, but didn’t know how to, I thought this was ingenious.   I always read in health magazine on the jump seat  about how wonderful cinnamon and turmeric are, but the recipes are always too high maintenance for my liking.   So I was really wanting to jump out of my seat and do cartwheels when she told me she had it in her milk every night without fail.  I told her I can’t wait to make it.  She said go easy on the turmeric at first so I cut the amount down by half.  I added the raw honey, another component I don’t think I get enough of.

Here we go……..

Turmeric Milk Recipe

This recipe is for a jumbo coffee mug so you can cut the ingredients by half if you are using a standard sized mug


1/4 tsp turmeric

16 ounces milk

1 heaping tsp raw honey

one 2 inch cinnamon stick


1.) Pour milk in a small sauce pan and heat on medium until hot but not boiling

Then add turmeric and cinnamon stick:

2.) Pour in a glass:

3.) Then add raw honey.  Mix well, done!!!!!

As always thank you for visiting.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask, vote 5 stars 😉 or even follow me. I would love that!  I have a ton of recipes  on this site you maybe interested in.  I’ll get back with you as soon as I can with your questions and comments. Promise.  Happy eating and have a beautiful day!