Lazy Mans Sunday Salsbury Steak Recipe

So I was on the phone with one of my besties earlier,  Jo-Day, and we rambled on about what to make for dinner.  She already had a roast planned out and we talked that up for a good 15 minutes.  For most, food preparation would be a boring conversation topic, but all my besties love to talk food.  That’s how we roll. It’s what bonds us.  I told her I was absolutely not in the mood to cook after my sons meltdown at church.  Which led us into the next twenty minute topic with complete enthusiasm (and I’m not being facetious)…..What the hell should  my lazy ars  make for dinner and comfort foods of the 80’s.  I told her I was thinking of making  burgers for an easy dinner.  Patty melts to be specific and she very simply said, “Why don’t you just make Salisbury steak out of it?”  I hadn’t heard of that since I was dang near 10 years old.  Now we never never made Salisbury steak in our  house as a kid.  My parents being the true Filipinos they are never even knew what that was. It was just never part of our cuisine. However, I did remember eating it at my besties house all the time.  I even remember the elementary cafeteria rockin it out at least once a week.  To me, Salisbury Steak is like bologna, the forgotten lunch meat of the 80’s.  Shout out to jo-day for the great 80’s comfort meal!  It turned  out great.   Since I wasn’t feeling the cooking vibe,  I made it the lazy mans way.  Super simple!  I almost wasn’t going to blog about this meal since I felt like I cheated on it.  But I thought to myself, “Self, what kind of food blogger would I be if  I don’t include such easy meals on my blogs?”  So here it is!  And my husbands words after eating it were, “This is great!  I really like Salisbury steak! Tastes like a school lunch”!   He said he felt like he was back in the lunch line!  Bravo!


1 tsp oil

4 Frozen Angus beef patties

1 can beef broth

1 beef bouillon cube

1 can cream of mushroom soup

1/2 pound sliced mushrooms

1tsp cornstarch

1/4 cup water

dash of salt and pepper


First things first, Salisbury steak usually calls for bread crumbs and raw egg to be mixed in the beef kind of like a meat loaf.  Since I didn’t have fresh ground hamburger, I just used already made Angus hamburger patties I got from Sams club.  This worked out perfect since I didn’t want to deal with handling raw meat and mixing it around in a bowl with my hands!

1.) I drizzled a tables spoon of canola oil in a large skillet and browned the frozen beef patties on for 4 minutes on each side, medium high heat.

2.) Take out meat and set aside.  To the pan dripppings, saute mushrooms until tender.

3.)  Add can of beef broth and deglaze bottom of pan with wooden spoon and add a bouillon cube.

4.)  Mix cornstarch and cold water and pour into pan.

5.)  Add meat patties back to pan.

6.)  I decided to whisk in a can of cream of mushroom at the last minute into the pan and that was a great idea! Made it taste great!  Simmer for ten minutes and done!

To go with my Lazy mans Sunday supper, I cracked open a can of corn and made Idahoan instant mashed potatoes both in the microwave and called it a day!  Dinner was  done in less than twenty minutes!!!  BRAVO!!

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