Oct 25th, 2011

It’s that time of year.  Re-current training got its creep on once more and I’m ill prepared.  I really don’t wanna do the damn thing.  Mostly cause this foot is still bothering me and who knows if it’s gonna let me get through door drills.  Think I’ll pop a pain killer to get me through.  I have an inner battle going on with the stigma that comes with pain pills.  But I have to re-qualify.  I just have to.  So it’s justified I guess.

I flew in a day early to hang with my original Jersey girl, Sarojanie.  We worked at Continental way back in our primitive days.  Where the cool thing to do on reserve was Boston shuttles on an MD-80 and deadheading to smaller cities like Buffalo in first class on a 737 was still the norm before the regional jets took over.  My have times changed.

There were always 3 things that happened when we flew together.  Thing number one.  We always flew Boston.  Thing number two.  We always seemed to rush to our next plane late cause we were too busy fartin around the terminal.  And thing number three.  We always got stuck riding the “ghost ship” where the the back of an MD-80 was supposedly haunted and the lav light always went off no matter how many times it was fixed by maintenance. But that didn’t cover the faint ghostly voices crews heard from the same lav. And how Sarojanie would be freezing back there next to the tail cone while the call light was steady going off.  It freaked us out.  I’m dead serious.

I landed in Newark and waited for her to get me.  I was looking forward to it too.  The plan was to ride into Long Island.

We left Jersey and got on the Goethals into Staten Island. She briefed me on her soon to be ex and all the antics he’s been up to.  I probably shouldn’t be talkin smack, but this guy has been actin a fool ever since way back in the day.  He engages in pure asshole-ism.  It’s like a soap opera every time I hear one shady story after another.  Glad she is cutting him off after all the shenanigans he’s pulled.  But what I love about her is that through all the pain, she’s got the utmost faith that this is just a stepping stone towards her path to happiness.   It takes a courageous woman to break free from the riff raff.   I’m proud of her!  Truly!

Long car rides, coffee and engaging in conversation=free therapy. That’s what it’s all about!  We caught up on each others lives and talked about the usual airline biz.   All while passing Staten Island, Brooklyn,  Queens and Long Island towards Mineola.  Two hours went by in a blink, but we were stuck in slow traffic. Surprised?!  Not. Our final destination was still over a half hour away and it wasn’t even rush hour yet.  Sarojanie cursed up a storm in her Jersey accent about  New York traffic.  Her temper always makes me laugh.  I just love when “all out Jersey” comes out of her when she drives.   This predicament meant canceling our previous engagements and turning around to drive all the way back. Perfect!

We got back on the Verrazano  just in time to catch  the  falling sun.  It was dinner time!  And I was red to go!

We dropped her son off to the parental units and headed off to Union to scout out potential places to eat.  Union is like a bigger version of Plymouth.  Except the cool part is that it’s only a short Path ride to the city!  Jealous!  She talked about Morris Thai cafe and how it made a debut on the Food Network.   So I let her take me to see what all the hoopla was  about.  We started with spring rolls.   I usually hate these but they were the best I’ve had at any Asian Restaurant so far.  We got chicken satay.  Then ordered Pad Thai and Fried Red Snapper over Asian chili sauce.  Don’t let the picture scare you cause this was the bomb!

It was peaceful there. Although Saroj told me during lunch rush, it’s packed with businessman. I’d rather have the former setting. We ate our dinner in peace and it was nice and intimate.  Just the way I like.

Our bellies were full but we were good to go for coffee and dessert.  We went straight across to Van Gogh’s Ear Cafe.  We were greeted by an out door patio with summer lights strung above the tables leading towards the cafe.  It was quite welcoming.   There were fluffy couches, lined bookshelves, a coffee bar, cozy chairs and a stage.  We settled in on a couch and ordered some lattes with whipped cream.

Then some more gluttony with Tiramisu.  I could’ve eaten three more it was so good.

One of the more relaxing parts of the evening was listening to the Acoustics of Michael Glazier. Come to find out he performed on abc’s “The View”.  This makes me miss living in such close proximity to New York City.  All the fantastic artists and bands.  This was one of my faves of the evening.  “Wonderwall”  so I recorded him…..

Well dessert and music at Van Gogh’s ear came to an abrupt end and my visit with Saroj was coming to a close.  Her hospitality is top notch, bar-none. I’m glad I got to spend quality time with her.  It’s been too long.

The next morning, I got up and finished re-current training and flew back home….

I’ll leave you with a view of the sunset from the R.J. on the commute back to DTW.  I had my head stuck literally to the window taking pics and blinding the disgruntled  flight attendant and the rest of the cabin with my flash.  Haha.  Haters!  Let’em hate!  Til next time!