Let’s play a fun game of good idea/bad idea. ……….

Bad idea My husband asked if I wanted to fly to Texas this week for Thanksgiving and I immediately got irritated just entertaining the idea of traveling with my family on the busiest travel week of the year.  This is coming from yours truly, who works as a flight attendant, and hardly anything travel related stresses me.  Knowing our luck, we would get stuck on standby for days on end.  Plus,  I’d rather go there for Christmas anyways. I am really dreading going anywhere beyond our front door.  Not because I don’t wanna see loved ones, I really do.  But I’d rather just enjoy the fulfillment that Thanksgiving brings as stress free as possible.

So here’s the good idea.  Ive always wanted to go, go, go, go on holidays.  But I find myself slowing it down and frankly, I’ve been loving getting up on Thanksgiving mornings for the last few years and making our own tradition.  We’ve made it a point to relax in our p.j’s, watch the Macy’s day parade while putting everything on the stove I prepped the day before.  All while putting the last of the decorations on the tree.  

Bad idea, We were going to have the family come over our place, but I had to thoroughly re-assess this situation as well.  It’s too early to start entertaining for the Holidays in my situation.  Again, I loath the  frenzy.  That was a bust.

Good idea Instead, I think we’ll stick to what we’ve established. Spend quality time with each other, cook our dinner for lunch,  and join in on the fun at my momz later.  I don’t look forward to kicking it into high gear this week and I won’t.  I’m gonna take a lesson from my dog, nemo.  He’s gonna lead by example on turkey day like this…..

 He’s always keepin it real.  Straight up!

People who stress themselves out cooking like they’re the next iron chef on Thanksgiving are missing the point.  Taking it easy is my attempt to kick it down a notch and stop the anticipated madness.  I’ve been enjoying the intimacy that comes with celebrating part of the day with my immediate family.  There is more connection and meaning for me  this way.  Plus, I love joining in on the fun later. More food, family, friends, Mahjong, karaoke and football at my momz. Who wouldn’t be down with that?

I’ve planned a simple spread for Thanksgiving morning.  Mashed potatoes, veggies,  turkey, gravy and simple stuffing.  All  prepped the night before ready to go.  And with that, the holiday cranberry.  Here is a simple no stress cranberry sauce to go with our hassle free Turkey.

I rinse and pick through the cranberries to throw out any that are going bad.

I add 1 cup of orange juice to a small sauce pan and melt the white and brown sugar in it .

I pour the cran berries into the saucepan and add the grated orange zest.

Let cook for 10 minutes on medium and you may hear the cranberries popping.  This is normal.  Take off heat.  Will thicken upon standing.   Robert loathes canned cranberry, but really enjoys the fresh stuff.  Hope you do too.  Gobble, Gobble, Gobble !

By the by, I’ve begun prepping 2 days ahead so , I will re-post the finished product maybe on Turkey day!

Dot, dot dot, 2 days later. Here is the finished product.

Happy Thanksgiving and be safe ya’ll!


3/4 cup sugar

1/4 cup brown sugar

1 cup orange juice

1 zest of an orange

Dissolve both sugars in orange juice and add zest in pan on medium heat.  Pour cranberries in pan. Cook for 10 minutes.   Pour into bowl.  Sauce will thicken upon standing.