I woke up to the sounds of the kiddos tiny voices.  I hadn’t even rolled out of bed yet and I was already emotionally drained.  It was roughly 8:30…..or so I thought.  I asked Robert what time it was and he promptly responded, “It’s 10:20!”  “What?! That late already?!”  I didn’t feel well rested at all.  Matter of fact, I wasn’t even  motivated to do a damn thing besides curl up on the couch and stare at the ceiling all day.  But I knew that wasn’t an option.    Although I would’ve loved to practice the art of doing nothing, I had too much to do. Errr!   I was in a straight funk.  But in my moments of funkiness I thought to myself, “self, it’s November and I need to focus on what I should be thankful for  and quit wallowing in this funk.”   So I begrudgingly switched on thankful thoughts.

I rolled out of bed to shower and was getting the kiddos  dressed for school.  As I was watching Robert wash the dishes, I zoned in on on my first thankful moment. My husband is always happy to wake up with the kids first thing in the morning when he’s home from work.  He’s so hands on.  Shoot, he even brought me  breakfast in bed come to think of it. Waffles!  And that’s not all!

 So check it!  Before he dropped off the kids to school, he cleaned the living room.  Not only that, I began to bring  out the vacuum to start vacuuming and he said “Oh, I’ll vacuum when I get back!”  What!?!  What a guy!  This did, of course,  motivate me to take pics of the clean living room and it also inspired this blog entry.

I love playing around with natural light in pictures.   It was so warm, light and fuzzy yesterday and it was such a drag to be cloudy and windy today.  Maybe that was what contributed to my rank mood this morning.

Robert took the kids to school and I promptly went to the doctors, brought Nemo-son to the groomers, got home and forced more motivation by staying outside. Put the Halloween decor away, did a little yard work and decided to plant some Garlic before the ground froze~

I usually get the hard neck variety at the Ann Arbor farmers market to plant in the fall, but I bought some organic garlic at whole foods instead.   I asked the produce man at the store where the garlic was from and he said California.  I hope this mild climate variety survives our harsh winters to make bulbs for me in the spring.   We’ll see just have ta see.

So, while I was planting my first cloves, guess who decided to join me?

 The gentlest little garden bug!  Pretty little guy,  aint he?  And he was everywhere I was planting.   Guess he wanted to be in on the action.

Now in hopes of not sounding like I’ve completely lost it, this guy became my best friend for about 15 minutes.   I don’t know what it was, but my little friend was inspiring me to be more thankful and did I mention he was everywhere I was!?   He reminded me of a speck of light surrounded by falling brown leaves, withering plants and  darkening, late Autumn days.    Guess it made me stop to appreciate things more.  I was surprised that such a colorful, vibrant, little thing could make it so late into Fall.  He  added inspiration to my day.  I ‘m thankful for having the pleasure of gardening with him and glad he kept me company for the short while I was out there.

I came in from the cold and made myself a soothing cup of green tea. mmmmmmm.  laid on the couch for a bit and started dinner….

I shouldn’t even be calling this making dinner cause I feel like I cheated.  This was so easy, my three year old could do it with his eyes closed. Shout out to Joday cause she was the one who gave me this easy idea years ago!

I boil dumpling or egg noodles for this dish.  I make it at the end so it’s nice and fresh…..

I started off with  meatballs straight into the crock.   Then added cream of mushroom soup

Added the can of mushrooms undrained, water and dash of  Worcestershire.

In the last five minutes added my sour cream.  pepper to taste.  Heated it through and there ya go!

Served over hot egg noodles.  There is something about this dish that makes my family go bananas!  I rarely make this, but it goes over so well with them.  It’s like I’ve given them an illegal substance and they are so strung out  on it,  they fight over seconds.  We had left overs the next day for lunch and the kids were fighting over every last morsel.  Lol  Think i’m gonna have to make it more often.  Please do leave comments and rate it if you like!


1 to 1 1/2 pounds of frozen cooked meatballs

1 can cream of mushroom soup

1/2 cup water

small 7 oz. can of mushrooms undrained

dash Worcestershire sauce

8 oz sour cream

pepper to taste

Procedure:  6-8 servings

Add meatballs, cream of mushrooms soup, mushrooms, Worcestershire,  and water to crockpot.  Set on low for 3 to 4 hours.  Before you serve, add sour cream.  Stir and heat through for a few more minutes.   Pepper to taste.  Serve over egg noodles!