Food review

Today was an exciting day for the P. fam. funk.  Pirates were on the Horizon.  This is all Robert and the kids talked about for days.  My son has taken an extreme liking to pirates.  So there was much anticipation leading to today.

We went on a 2 hour pirate cruise with actors telling us to walk the plank, water guns, swords, skits and the whole nine.  Love was the first to volunteer for an act, but snubbed the pirates when they painted a mustache on her.  So we all got mustaches painted on our faces, including grandma and grandpa.

This was my view on the ship.  I thought it was pretty so I snapped a quick shot of the causeway.  Pretty good aperture if I do say so myself.

Robert woke me up this morning with a hurried voice and the keys already in his hands asking, “What kind of tacos do you want?”  I was barely conscious enough to mumble “potato and egg”, as he basically ran out the door.  I was excited about breakfast cause I knew where he was going and I, like  my son and the pirate ship expedition, was eager beaver to have my taco fix from the Laredo taco company.  Twenty minutes later he was back with the goods.

Let me just real quick say, I grew up in the north and my idea of breakfast tacos were more like breakfast burritos from Mcdonalds. Gay!  These are far from them.  They are in a totally different league and will have you sprung!

They’re located in stripes gas stations of all places.  And I’ve never seen them north of the valley.  Who would’ve known that the best breakfast taco on the island would be at a gas station, right?  When we went back the next day to get more, I overheard a vacationer paying for gas asking the cashier, “you guys serve food here or something?”  That’s where I should’ve butted in and said, “Yes!  Go back.  It’s good. You won’t be disappointed!”

There’s usually a pretty good wait in line so I pass the time by getting hot sauce.  Robert likes the super caliente.  I like the salsa verde.

The home made flour tortillas are part of the kicker here.  I turn my nose to ready made ones from the store since I got hip to the home made stuff. They mix the dough, knead it, roll it out and cook it before filling them.

Now, these ladies kind of scare me.  They’re somewhat the Mexican version of the soup Nazi’s kitchen.  So you better know what you want when it’s your turn or you may get checked.  They begin by asking  if you want re-fried beans.  I’m still not a fan of beans in my breakfast tacos so I kindly pass.

My husband on the other hand, being the native he is, always accepts with a prompt, “Si, y huevos con chorizo por favor.”  I’ve tried many other “fillers” as the locals call it, machacado, barbacoa, even chicharrone.

But I always fall back on my two favorites, potato and egg or bacon and egg.    I’m telling you, these go off.  They have  such a huge following.  And no wonder why.  They’re a buck a taco.  Okay, okay.. maybe a buck and a quarter.  They are the bomb diggity and just talking about it makes my stomach do somersaults.

P.S. Robert surprised me with a new drink.  Horchata cappucino.  We usually get cold horchata.  Our fave.  It’s a rice milk drink! This hot drink added a new twist.  Okay, that’s all for now folks.  ttyl