Food Review


Woke up this morning feeling like P. diddy. The sun was shining and I walked out to the patio to see the fishing boats parked behind grandpa’s fishing guide store he works at.

 There is something special about waking up in the morning to the sounds and smells of the ocean  when you haven’t been in a while.  It’s like the flowing water gives you a sense of rebirth and revitalization.   I opened the door to the patio hearing the beautiful sounds  of sea birds.   Speaking of birds,  we went to the Pelican Station for a great start.

Quite a fitting name.  There’s a ton of Pelicans overlooking the causeway.

The restaurant sits on an old train station with quite a bit of history.  An old boxcar and tracks greet you as you pull in the lot.  We stopped for a picture op in front of the locomotive.  Robert said that the old train tracks ran straight into the bay and pointed to the direction they were in.  You can supposedly see them.  But for us, no dice! We’re gonna have to bring Grandpa to breakfast next time.  Or I guess we could’ve just asked Grandma.  Anyways this is one of their places they go to get a great cheap breakfast.  It’s good to be in with the locals! 🙂  We watched the children frolic on the boardwalk and took more pics.   The sun was blaring and it was only 9 in the morning.    We went inside and I was greeted with a serene atmosphere.

Now, I dunno if it was the dark Tobacco accents in the decor, the high ceiling fans or the color of the walls but this place reminded me of Cuba.  Like I’ve been to Cuba right?  I loved the chairs in the waiting room too.  It looked like old school chairs or maybe even old train chairs.  That would make more sense though.

We sat down in front of the huge bay windows to a wonderful view of the water.  And grandma pointed the scenery out.

Then we ordered our meals and much to my delight were given cookies to start off.  Not just any cookies.  Pan de Polvo!  I love the hints of Mexican cuisine in the food here!  It’s part of the local flare and although people who live here year round don’t think anything of it.  It is much appreciated by super foodies like me.  These cookies have a crisp milky flavor to them and are coated with cinnamon and sugar.  They fall apart.  And there is something so pleasant about them.  Like they melt and become one with your taste buds.  Completely addicting.  I felt as though I was committing a sin eating them before breakfast.  Especially since I ate half!

Breakfast came and for 2.99, no wonder why grandmomz and popz love this joint.   We were given  eggs, bacon, re-fried beans and some fresh home made  flower tortillas.  Did I say flower?  I meant flour.  LOL   Anyways I will def.  go again!  This place is the bees knees.