“Where I began my  love affair with the Beef brisket baked potato”

I woke up at 4 a.m. to drop my family off at DTW airport.  They were going down to South Padre Island a day before I was for a long weekend with the grandmomz and popz.   I’ve been with my family round the clock the last five months.  So I was excited to have a whole day of peace and quiet to myself.  Now it came somewhat of a surprise when  I felt a sudden rush of empty nest syndrome coming over me on the car ride home.  I couldn’t shake that feeling of loneliness. So I ditched my previous engagements that held me back in Michigan and hightailed it to Texas.

I haven’t been on a plane since the middle of May when I got injured and I always feel new to flying when I take a sabbatical.  My ankle was feeling exceptionally well in the last week or two and I was testing my new inflight shoes.  Running late had  forced me to rush through the terminal on my feet.  Not a good idea.  I don’t know what made my ankle start throbbing again, the shoes or the  rushing part.  But this dry run through the airport has made me realize I am still in  active recovery and although I’ve made great steps in healing,  I still have more to go!  Errr!

Three hrs later, I arrived in Houston, impatient and hungry.  Back in the day when I started as a flight attendant,  I got hip to the chopped brisket baked potato.   Crews don’t mess around when it comes to eatin on the road and airline workers  inform you real quick where to go.   Since most everything bores my palate  these days,  I still find comfort in a good Harlons baked potato.  It’s one of my “go to’s”  when I step off the plane and transit through Houston.  Much to my disappointment, I heard it was no longer there.  So  I was excited to find out that it was in fact, still in terminal B.  So of course I stopped to eat dinner before my connection.  They were beginning to close for the evening so I didn’t go all out greedy  with toppings since they put most of them away.  The workers weren’t too disgruntled and were willing to go back to get the toppings I wanted but I didn’t  want to be a bother.  That and my tummy, better known as “my poku” didn’t need the extra butter and sour cream.

This is the mother of all spuds!  Side note:  genetically modified fruits and vegetables have been wrestling with my morals lately, but this one doesn’t bother me a bit.   This baked potato is about the size of a rat. I usually have it topped with butter, chives and sour cream in all it’s glory.  But I just had onions and bbq sauce today cause that was all they had left out and I love onions anyways.  The ladies get the potato fresh out of the oven and split it down the middle piping hot.  Then they pull a fresh smoked brisket out,  chop it right in front of you and lather it on the potato with sauce.  So this is how it looks like when I am finished……

And  this is when I need my husband or a carnivore eating crew member to split it with me. This is eating it on a good day.  Sometimes, I don’t even put a dent into it.  The meat is so juicy and perfectly smoked.   The BBQ sauce has the right amount of tang and the potato is  so moist and never dry.  It’s always right on point.

Afterwards, I hopped my connection into Brownsville and landed where my chariot awaited (Robert) 🙂  and we took the half hour ride into the island.  Grandma was half asleep on the couch waiting for us to get back and the kids were already fast asleep.

We thanked her and said goodbye  as she headed back to the condo.  My husband kissed me before he we went to bed.   I turned off the lights and reflected on the day.  I walked over and melted into the couch and basked in the stillness of the night.  It felt great to be back with my family again.